-What is​ True South Relief Foundation-

.:Friends Helping Friends:.


~True South is dedicated to helping those in our community that have been involved in motorcyle or bicycle accidents and need assistance when out of work. We offer assistence to help in the recovery process both financial and beyond.  We were founded to create support and funds by using the gifts and talent within our community's vast resources for aid without having to put a financial strain on personal finances.  We began by simply creating T-shirt designs to raise funds...we constantly strive to be creative and open to our communities gifts to better serve those in need.~


Artists and friends who have donated time, energy, and support include but not limited to Erik Gillespe, Greg Christian, Nick Colella, Josh Arment, Carl Hallowell, Oliver Peck, Tim Hendricks, Small Paul Stottler: Hori Gi Sie, Uzi, Luke Wessman, Richard Stell, Will Card, Josh Williams,Tim Beck, Sal Trevino, Mark Galvan, Beau Brady, Jordan Teear, Chad Ramsey, Dan Smith, Little Dave Parker, Karen Costleigh, Tim McAlary, Lindsay Carmichael, Jason McCaffe, Tony Hundhal, Steve Byrne, Todd Nobel, Eric Perfect, JoJo Akermann, Matt Arriola, Bubba Reeves, Joe Haasch, Brynne Palmer, Tom Moser, Eric Jones, Ross Nagle, Dave Cavalcante, Jud Ferguson, Thomas Kenney, Jon Mirro, Chris Erickson, James Bowie, Keith Underwood, Valerie Vargas, Stewart Robson, Mary Joy, JenLee, Rica Puravida, Britney Goodman, Greg DeHoot, Juan Puente, Ben Mack, Shane Wilcox, Adrian Sanchez, Chris Stuart, Doug Mittz, Grant Cobb, Chris Magana, Steffan Ross, Ben Nichols, Dave Stewart, Raking Light Projects, Bell Helmets, Skratch, and the entire Bell family have donated countless hours, helmets, products, and support to raising funds and resources to help raise helmet awareness. 

True South seeks to help friends involved in accidents and out of work not only with funds but to help organize fund raisers and support assistance for loved ones so they can be there for the injured.  We know in times of crisis finances can be major stress to all involved and True South strives to help alleviate some of this burden. We are constantly trying to stay involved in our community, to grow our Charity, and to continue our support for our injured friends. 

We have been graciously supported by the following companies:

Bell Helmets, Bell Power Sports, Anchor Screen Printing, True Tattoo Hollywood, Elm Street Tattoo, Frifth Street Tattoo, Tattoo Faction, J&P Cycles, Saltwater Tattoo CoLucky Tattoo Supply, Primo Helmet Liners, Big Head Motorworks, TankFarm, Rolland Sands, Lone Ranger, Dice Magazine, TriCo, Sugar Hill, LUCERO