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@truesouth is holding an instagram auction of art and tattoo machines from artists around the world to raise funds for our friend woody..each item will have a start price and the end date and time for the item...if you want the piece then put the price you want it for in a comment with your contact email and the highest bidder will win after auction concludes. if you are not comfortable leaving email...then email truesouth222@gmail.com with contact info...if you do not have an instagram and you have a facebook or twitter account you can also leave a comment or reply to item you would like to bid on and true south will leave your bid on instagram for you with your name... if you would like to donate to woody you can PayPal: woodyridesagainfund@gmail.com more details to come ~all our best ~
Artists include: Tim Hendricks, Josh Arment, Jordan Teear, Erik Gillespe, Jason McCaffe, Todd Nobel, Nick Colella, Eric Perfect, JoJo Akerman, Carl Hallowell, Matt Arriola, Bubba Reeves, Oliver MacIntosh, Tom Moser, Eric Jones, Ross Nagle, Dave Cavalcante, Lindsey Carmichael, Jud Ferguson, Thomas Kenney, Jon Mirro,  Beau Brady, Greg DeHoot, Little Linda, Dan Smith, Carlos Rojas, Chris Stuart, Juan Puente, Ben Mack, Adrian Sanchez, Bryce Oprandi, Matthew Talley, Mark Galvan, Chad Ramsay, Raking Light Projects and more...

Instagram: @truesouth
Facebook: truesouth
Twitter: @truesouth222

~Our Friend Thomas Wood "Woody"~
I get to meet a lot of people day in and day out...at the shop, traveling, riding around who knows where...but it's not everyday you get the pleasure of meeting someone as truly genuine, kind, and amazing as Thomas Wood "Woody." Being a local business owner has its ebs and flows, ups and downs, and everyday stresses that are never predictable for the better or worse, and when I learned of Woody's accident my heart went out to him, his partners at Golden Saddle Cyclery, family and friends. I wanted to help.  Loosing one component of any small business can sink a ship and it's people like Woody who keep our communities and business strong and unique and tight knit...so I began calling my friends, my network, and asking if they would help Woody and his family and friends by donating their art and gifts for an online auction...and so jan 15th True South, www.saltwatertattoo.com , www.luckysupply.com and a host of amazing artists will be promoting an online auction of amazing works including original paintings, drawings, prints and tattoo machines. It has blown me away to see so many of these artists who are the best of the best give so willingly to help...for not only woody, but countless times before...there's a lot of distractions and obligations to hem us in these days, and I am truly honored to be able to be a part of something greater than self...with that being said I hope u take time to read this short below about Woody...I hope you check out the online auction, and I hope you too can be a part of whatever community you live in and enjoy all the benefits of True Community and friendship...
All my best to Thomas Wood and his lovely Hilary Tarner and their little biscuit in the oven that is due any day now!
If you would like to share funds outside of the auction to Help Woody, we have set up a Paypal:
Again thank you everyone involved and all my best.
Info updates on online auction:
IG: @truesouth

www.saltwatertattoo.com www.luckysupply.com
For more on Woody visit: